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Determine the minimum force F needed to push the two 75-kg cylinders up the incline. The force acts parallel to the plane and the coefficients of friction at the contacting surfaces are A = 0.3, B = 0.25, C = 0.4. Each cylinder has a radius of 150 mm.

[A]. F = 919 N
[B]. F = 735 N
[C]. F = 1.051 kN
[D]. F = 981 N

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Vemula Naresh said: (Sep 7, 2012)  
Draw the fbd for given block , consider that two block as one body and write the vector components weight downwards, friction opposite to the applied force F . and indicate the normal reaction to the block .

First of all find the normal reaction by summation of forces along normal line .
we will get normal . multiply normal with static frictional coefficient you will be able to get frictional force.

Take summation of forces along the inclined plane you will get the applied force F.

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