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A Russell's traction is used for immobilizing femoral fractures C. If the lower leg has a weight of 8 lb, determine the weight W that must be suspended at D in order for the leg to be held in the position shown. Also, what is the tension force F in the femur and the distance which locates the center of gravity G of the lower leg? Neglect the size of the pulley at B.

[A]. x = 1.44 ft, w = 10.8 lb, F = 12.61 lb
[B]. x = 1.33 ft, w = 15.76 lb, F = 20.0 lb
[C]. x = 1.56 ft, w = 9.75 lb, F = 12.69 lb
[D]. x = 0.869 ft, w = 6.44 lb, F = 5.03 lb

Answer: Option A


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