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What is the total resistance?

1.045 k
1.545 k
2.045 k
2.545 k
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Ajay bhardwaj said:   1 decade ago

From where P/V= 1.494 comes.

Ranjith said:   1 decade ago
P = V^2/R.

R = V^2/P.

= (48*48)/1.491.

= 1.545 kohm.

Jaggubai said:   1 decade ago
In this power is given so R4 value not requried
=1.54 ohms

Madhavi said:   1 decade ago
@ Barun
As per Anshul said,


hence R=1.545

As R=(1/R1)+(1/R2)+(1/R3)+R4


That's why R4=1K

Barun singh said:   1 decade ago
The value of R4 is not give then how you take it 1k.

Anshul said:   1 decade ago
Power as seen on wattmeter = 1.491W

Voltage =48V

As we know P=V^2/R

By this relation we get R=1.545 Kohm

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