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In the given circuit, Channel 1 of the stereo amplifier outputs 12 V to the speakers. How much total current is the amplifier providing to the speakers?

0 A
1.5 A
3 A
More information is needed to find the total current provided to the speakers.
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ABAR -4744 said:   3 years ago
We, everyone, know calculation.

But the trick is we should find, is the circuit parallel or series.

It is pretty easy because the terminal from the VOLTAGE source is connected to the same terminals of both RADIO.

Ashpak sande said:   4 years ago
The two speakers are connected in parallel.

So, Rp= 4Ω.

According to Ohm's law:
I = v/r,
12/4=3 A.

Yash singh said:   5 years ago
Thanks @Sonam.

Kishor said:   6 years ago
Yes, according to current law it is ohms law.

Sanjay said:   6 years ago
Total effective resistance first find of both speakers.

8 * 8/8 + 8 = 64/16 = 4.
V = 12,
V = IR,
I = V/R = 12/4 = 3A.

Nallasivam ponnusamy said:   7 years ago
The above answers are correct.

Armandwish said:   8 years ago
At first let you know these speakers are connected in parallel manner. Positive of amplifier to both of speakers and negative of amplifier to both of speakers. So put parallel resistance formula to get equivalent resistance.

Armandwish said:   8 years ago
That resistance are in series form.

Irshad k a said:   9 years ago
R = 4 I.

I = V/R.

I =12/4 = 3 A.

Shashank said:   10 years ago
The speakers are in the parallel form the main current gets divided 8||8 = 4 ohms and 12/4 = 3A.

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