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The characteristic curve for the complex model of a silicon diode shows that
the barrier potential is 0 V
the barrier potential stays fixed at 0.7 V
the barrier potential increases slightly with an increase in current
the barrier potential decreases slightly with an increase in current
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Kishor said:   5 years ago
It should be D. Agree @Dharma Mohan.

Dharma Mohan said:   7 years ago
I think the Answer Should be D.

ARJUN said:   8 years ago
In forward biasing, when 'p' terminal is connected with 'p' side of the battery and 'n' terminal is connected with 'n' side of the battery, then the potential barrier is increasing with increase in voltage because holes are attracted by positive charge and electrons is attracted by the negative charge.

Aryan said:   8 years ago
In forward bias potential barrier decreases and therefore current increases ---> this simply implies that with the increase in current, potential barrier decreases.

Hitesh said:   8 years ago
@Ashish Dhyani: As per your scenario, the width of the junction should decrease.

Gideon wills said:   8 years ago
I also think the answer lies in the meaning of complex model silicon. Else what @Savan said is right.

Vamsi said:   9 years ago
During forward biasing the depletion width will be reduced and causes for reduce in the barrier potential but not to increase.

Savan Kalal said:   10 years ago
What does it mean by complex model of a diode?

If it is reverse biased then by increasing reverse saturation current we have slight increment in the barrier potential of a diode else in case of forward bias its not possible.

Sunil said:   10 years ago
P type majority charge carriers are holes. So in forward bias holes are repelled by the positive terminal of the power supply. So the barrier potential decreases with increase in input voltage in forward bias.

Jitendra prajapat said:   10 years ago
I think @ANUB is right. Because:

The barrier potential is varies with heat and temp. Also with the increase in temp. Number of charge carrier increases hence current is increases and barrier potential decrease.

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