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What is wrong with this diode?

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Answer: Option
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Aakash said:   3 years ago
Ideal diode has no resistance then how it's possible.

And in RB Ideal diode must be infinite resistance.

Harshal darbhe said:   7 years ago
Nothing, because no supply is given to diode so how decided it will go into reverse or forward biased. So, option C is right.

S.L.Kulayappa said:   7 years ago
Since, there is no source to ON the diode, then there is no current.

Abhijit said:   8 years ago
The diode is not any bias since we are not providing any energy source, but when the configuration of the circuit is like this it will show the reverse bias resistance of the diode which may be infinity (ideal) or may be a very high value (for the practical diode) in mega-ohm range. So option C is correct.

GAYATRI said:   8 years ago
When diode is connected in reverse bias, it shows high impedance because it acts like an open circuit.

Hassan said:   9 years ago
In reverse bias diode act like this, is its normal behavior nothing wrong with diode.

Ravina jain said:   10 years ago
Answer C is correct because diode without any input acts as a normal component and it is in reverse bias according to connection as shown above so reverse bias gives high resistance.

Trishul said:   1 decade ago
In a multimeter we can check resistance of any component. To find resistance it applies some excitation (voltage) across component, then some current flows.

Therefore it calculate R=V/I. In here diode n terminal will have more +ve than p terminal. Therefore reverse biased. Some reverse current(Io) will flows (not open). Resistance =v/Io.

Akanksha rao said:   1 decade ago
Option c is correct because here we are not using the voltage or current devices so diode is not reverse bias as well as not in forward biased so there is nothing wrong with diode.

SJCEian said:   1 decade ago
Diode is reverse biased. So, there might be no fault with the diode.

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