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What about the stability of system in
system is stable
stable at 0.4
cant say
Answer: Option

ROC include the unit circle hence it is stable.

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Harshith said:   6 years ago
It is unstable when z>2.

Meena said:   6 years ago
I don't understand. Please explain in detail.

D.SIVASAMY said:   6 years ago
System is unstable because pole 2 locating outside the unit circle.

RAM said:   6 years ago
Can't understand please can anyone explain it?

Iram said:   6 years ago
H(z) = (-3/4z)/(z-0.4) + (16/5z)/(z-2) this is final transfer function. by sketching its ROC it can be seen that pole at 2 Roc lie outside unity circle while pole at 0.4 Roc includes unity circle by expanding in an outward direction.

So, the system is stable.

Dhivya said:   7 years ago
Can anyone please explain how to solve these type of problem?

It's me . . . said:   7 years ago
System is stable.

For the system to be stable, the unit circle should lie between ROC.

Hence unit circle lie between 0.4 and 2.

Sk jha said:   7 years ago
I think the system is unstabe.

Sridevi said:   7 years ago
Please give the explanation of the answer clearly.

Zahoor said:   7 years ago
Since one pole magnitude lies outside the unit circle so system is unstable.

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