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Rotation of a geosynchronous satellite means its
drift from stationary position
three-axis stabilization
three-dimensional stabilization
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SAN said:   9 years ago
How many geosynchronous satellite are there presently?

Sneha said:   9 years ago
What is sidereal day?

Atul said:   10 years ago
Its the satellite that has fixed position with respect to the earth. If satellite is fixed on Mumbai then it will revolve around the earth in such a way that it will remain on Mumbai.

Swati said:   1 decade ago
What is wobbing?

Engr azeem mirza said:   1 decade ago
Geostationary orbit which moved around earth at a distance of 3000 4000 km and move as earth moved it is length is 1 sidereal day.

Syed Danish Ahmad said:   1 decade ago
What is geosynchronous satellite?

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