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Figure shows an 8-bit LED display. A light circle means that a LED is ON (binary 1) and a dark circle means a LED is OFF (binary 0). What is the decimal equivalent of the binary number displayed?

[A]. 100
[B]. 121
[C]. 144
[D]. 172

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Yug said: (Mar 30, 2018)  
How? Binary equivalent is 01010011& Decimal equivalent of binary is 83.

Tejasri Samala said: (Apr 6, 2020)  

Here they have Said that light circle means on i.e., the circle with white is on and the shaded circle is off. So binary equivalent is 10101100 & decimal equivalent is 127.

Lavanya Reddy said: (Jul 18, 2020)  
led on = logic 1.
led off =logic 0.

So the given binary code is 10101100.
So, the decimal value for that is 172. Hence option D is right.

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