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Which of the following is non-saturating?

[A]. TTL
[C]. ECL
[D]. Both (a) and (b)

Answer: Option C


Since it is non-saturating, ECL has low propagation delay.

Rathiga said: (Apr 12, 2014)  
Emitter coupled logic (ECL) is a non saturated logic, which means that transistors are prevented from going into deep saturation, thus eliminating storage delays. Preventing the transistors from going into saturation is accomplished by using logic levels whose values are so close to each other that a transistor is not driven into saturation when its input switches from low to high. In other words, the transistor is switched on, but not completely on. This logic family is faster than TTL.

Voltage level for high is -0.9 Volts and for low is -1.7V; thus biggest problem with ECL is a poor noise margin.

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