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For the system in the given figure the characteristic equation is
K(s + 1)(s + 3) = 0
s(s + 2) = 0
Answer: Option

Transfer function = .

Hence characteristic equation is .

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RISHI NIGAM said:   2 years ago
Here, we can use 1 + KG(S)H(S) = 0.

VAIJINATH said:   2 years ago
Anyone, Please explain it fully & clearly.

Adam said:   3 years ago
The characteristic equation is nothing more than setting the denominator of the closed-loop transfer function to zero (0).

According to this, option D is correct.

Mufeed said:   5 years ago
For unity feedback systems the transfer function is G (S)/1+G (S).

So, the characteristic equation is 1+G (S) = 0.

Mufeed ardouno said:   5 years ago
Thank you all.

Chanchal said:   6 years ago

As per the question, characteristics eq. 1+ G(s).H(s). Here H(s) is unity. So option A is right.

Abhishek said:   7 years ago
I think k(s+1) (s+3) =0 will be the answer.

Shristy said:   7 years ago
I think the H(s) is not 0 it is 1.

Sagar kumar said:   8 years ago
This is helpful to improve the technical skills. Please provide more advance questions.

Navtej bhangu said:   8 years ago
Characteristic equation is given by 1 + G(S) H(S) = 0.

So, H(s) = 0.

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