Electronics and Communication Engineering - Analog Electronics


For dc the current through coupling capacitor in CE amplifier circuit is

A. very high
B. high
C. low
D. zero

Answer: Option D


dc remains confined within BJT. Only ac signal comes out.


In a CE amplifier the collector resistance is short circuited. The ac output voltage will

A. increases
B. remains the same
C. increases or decreases
D. decreases

Answer: Option D


Since the output is taken across collector resistance, short-circuiting collector resistance will decrease output voltage.


In a transistor CE mode, VCC = +30 V. If the transistor is in cut off region, VCE =

A. +30 V
B. +20 V
C. 10 V
D. zero

Answer: Option A


When transistor is in cut off region VCE = VCC .


The dc load current in a bridge rectifier circuit is 10 mA. The dc load current through each diode is

A. 40 mA
B. 20 mA
C. 10 mA
D. 5 mA

Answer: Option D


Since both diodes contribute equal load current, each diode current is 5 mA.


An integrating amplifier has resistance in feedback path.

A. True
B. False

Answer: Option B


It has capacitance in feedback path.