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The impedance at the resonant frequency of a series RLC circuit with L = 20 mH, C = 0.02 F, and RW = 90 is
20 k
40 k
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Prasanthi said:   1 decade ago
Minimum impedance at resonannce frequency z= sqrt(r8r + (xl -xc )power2 = r
wl = wl;xc = 1/wc;w =1/ sqrt(lc);

Arun said:   9 years ago
In series circuit at resonance Z=R. Hence Z=R=90 ohm.

Chithra said:   1 decade ago
At resonant frequency, Z=R (since L=C)

Abhay said:   9 years ago
At resonance xl = xc and that's why xl-xc = 0, so z = R.

Sk mybelli said:   9 years ago
At resonance Xl = Xc, Z = R enough.

Sweety said:   6 years ago
At resonance Xl = Xc, Z = R.

Kikani dixita said:   5 years ago
RLC series in Resonant frequency :Z = R.
In Resonant position *(L=C).

Sakib Ahmed said:   2 years ago
At resonance, the impedance of the circuit is equal to the resistance value as Z = R.

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