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To increase the current in a series RL circuit, the frequency
should be increased
should be decreased
should be constant
cannot be determined without values
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Shyam said:   4 years ago
I = v/z.
I = 1/2 * π * f * l current increases the frequency decreases.

GAURAV said:   6 years ago
As frequency decreases xl decrease so that net impedance 'z' decrease so that opposition to current flow decrease hence more current flow.

Firdos said:   7 years ago
I = V/xL, I = v/wL it means, the current is inversely proportional to frequency.

Tejas said:   8 years ago
Option A is correct answer. Voltage and frequency are directly proportional in inductive circuit. Voltage is directly proportional to current.

Kumaran said:   10 years ago
In RL circuit there is a time required to reach maximum current, so the time increases frequency will be decreases.

Manju said:   10 years ago
In series RL circuit current is varied corresponds to frequency.

Anonymous said:   1 decade ago
In series RL circuit voltage increases as frequency decreases but voltage is directly proportional to current and hence the answer.

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