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When the current through an inductor is cut in half, the amount of energy stored in the electromagnetic field

[A]. is quartered
[B]. quadruples
[C]. doubles
[D]. does not change

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Santhosh said: (May 9, 2011)  
Energy stored is 1/2 L I2.

If I is halved, energy stored gets reduced to 1/4 th.

Stuti Kushwaha said: (Feb 15, 2016)  
I also agree to a/2 LI^2.

Sunny said: (Mar 20, 2016)  
Formula: W= 1/2 LI^2, inductor values kept same only current's value is cut into half or made half.


1) 1/2*6*10^2 = 300.
2) 1/2*6*5^2 = 75.

So 75/300 = 1/4 times decreased, that is quartered.

Dalitso said: (Aug 21, 2016)  
Nice and clear solutions.

Pavan Korrapati said: (Dec 2, 2017)  

Because current is already cut in half i.e.,1/2.. But you said that, it is 1/4. How?

Haris said: (Jan 11, 2020)  
Correct @Pavan.

The Energy will be 1/8th of L.
E=(1/8)th of L.

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