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A capacitor of 0.02 F is larger than
0.000020 F
200,000 pF
2,000 pF
all of the above
Answer: Option
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Pankaj mohabiya said:   2 years ago
But as I know, when we talk about negative the number which has small power is greater.

Raina said:   2 years ago

Pf stands for picofarad and mf stands for microfarad.

Sai said:   3 years ago
Pico farad 10^(-12).
Micro farad 10^(-6).
Given that;
0.02*10^-6 = 2*10^-8.
From options it is clear that 2000*10^(-12) = 2*10^(-9).
So option C is correct.

Omnamah said:   6 years ago
Got it, thank you for the explanation.

Sunil chouhan said:   6 years ago
Please explain the pf & mf value.

Manisha said:   6 years ago
Please give me the explanation clearly.

Shashikumar.l b said:   7 years ago
Please comment any body clearly.

Tovi said:   8 years ago
@Abdul, you are absolutely correct, but for clear understanding for others:

Note: For negative numbers smaller the value greater it is:

.*. per question, 0.02mf = 2x10^-8.

Option (A) 0.000020f = 2x10^-5.

Option (B) 200,000pf = 2x10^-7.

Option (C) 2000pf = 2x10^-9.

Therefore option (A) > (B) > 2x10^-8 > (C).

Correct answer 0.02mf is only greater than option (C).

Abdul Saboor said:   8 years ago
1 micro farad = 1000000 pico farad.

0.02 micro farad = 20,000 pico farad.

Which is only greater than 2000pF? Please correct me if an wrong.

Minesh badgujar p. said:   8 years ago
0.02*10^-6 = 2*10^-8.

So 2*10^-12 = 2000 pf.

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