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The hexadecimal number 4B16 is transmitted as an 8-bit word in parallel. What is the time required for this transmission if the clock frequency is 2.25 MHz?
444 ns
444 s
3.55 s
3.55 ms
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Mini said:   1 decade ago
Thats because data is being transmitted in a parallel manner, so it would take only one clock pulse to transmit whole data.

M.Arul said:   1 decade ago
Because the date transmit in parallel manner by 8 bit word, the no contain 32 bits, so 4 clock pulse need for transmission.

Vivek said:   1 decade ago
Because the clock pulse of 4-bit transmit the data of 8-bit word
in parallel mode.
And this transmission done at 2.25mhz frequency.
we know that;
and we can find the time required for this transmission by the clock pulse

Gulshan kumari said:   9 years ago
Please explain in detail.

Abc said:   8 years ago
f = 2.25 MHz (given),
t = 1/f,
t = 1/(2.25 x 10^6) = 0.4444... X 10^-6 => 444 x 10^-9 => 444ns.

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