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The @active data warehouse architecture includes which of the following?

[A]. At least one data mart
[B]. Data that can extracted from numerous internal and external sources
[C]. Near real-time updates
[D]. All of the above.

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Tapas Das said: (Feb 13, 2013)  
An active data warehouse should contain at-least one data mart belonging to a subject area. Also the data for the warehouse can be extracted from numerous internal and external sources. The data warehouse always gets near real-time updates i.e. the data is being updated constantly as and when it happens.

K.Abinaya Sit said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
At least one data mart. Data that can extracted from numerous internal and external sources. Near real-time updates.

Jeevitha-Sit said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
Data warehouse architecture, which is based on multi-agent systems, not only improves the active and real-time performance of the data warehouse.

Ilakkiya.M said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
Data warehouse is an exclusive storage of data obtained from different sources, it includes all the above like data mart to store subset of data and real time updates.

Ponamutha said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
An active data warehouse (ADW) is a traditional data warehouse extended to provide operational intelligence based on historical data combined with today's up-to-date data. The ADW supports mixed workloads from an enterprise data warehouse that serves as a single source of truth for decision making with predictable service levels for query response times, near real-time data freshness, and mission critical data availability.

Midhula-Sit said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
There's a lot of stir in the market place these days with a term called: Operational Business Intelligence, over the years there's been a lot of interest and usage of the term: Active Data Warehousing, which according to Bill Inmon is really: "real-time data warehousing" or "operational data warehousing. ".

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