Data Interpretation - Line Charts - Discussion

Study the following line graph which gives the number of students who joined and left the school in the beginning of year for six years, from 1996 to 2001.

Initial Strength of school in 1995 = 3000.


The ratio of the least number of students who joined the school to the maximum number of students who left the school in any of the years during the given period is?

[A]. 7:9
[B]. 4:5
[C]. 3:4
[D]. 2:3

Answer: Option D


Required ratio = 300 = 2 .
450 3

Suraj Nazare said: (Aug 13, 2016)  
Can you please get the proper solving of this question for me.

Dinho said: (Aug 1, 2017)  
We can directly see the variation between the no. Of student join oh no and leaving for the particular year.

So, in 1997 there is a huge variation.
No. Of student joining/no of Student leaving.

Bobby said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
Why 1997, why not another year?

Please explain.

Vishnu said: (Oct 29, 2020)  

In question, they have given that, least number of students who joined so by graph the year 1997 has least number 300 so we consider the year 1997.

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