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Directions to Solve

Answer the questions based on the given line graph.

Ratio of Exports to Imports (in terms of money in Rs. crores) of Two Companies Over the Years

In which year(s) was the difference between impors and exports of Company B the maximum?
1998 and 2000
Cannot be determined
Answer: Option

We shall try to find the difference between the imports and exports of Company B for various years one by one:

For 1995: We have

E = 0.75

where E = amount of exports, I = amount of imports in 1995.

=> E = 0.75I

Therefore I - E = 0.75 x I = 0.25I.

Thus, the difference between the imports and exports of Company B in 1995 is dependent on the amount of imports of Company B in 1995.

Similarly, the difference for other years can be determined only if the amount of imports for these years is known.

Since the imports or exports for various years are not know, the differences between and exports for various years cannot be determined.

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Sujit Kumar Singh said:   1 year ago
According to the question; the Exports & imports ratio is maximum, we see that in 1998 and 2000 the ratio is very high.

So, the answer will be C.

Option (C) is correct.

Dee said:   2 years ago
The answer should be C.

Deepu said:   4 years ago
I think option C is correct.

For option A 2000 --> ratio is 1.25 i.e Export/Import=125/100 The Difference is 125-100=25.

For option B 1996 --> ratio is 0.75 i.e E/I= 75/100 Difference is 25.

For option C 1998 and 2000 --> ratio is 0.75+1=1.75 i.e E/I= 175/100 Difference is 75.

O P Maurya said:   9 years ago
In the year 95 & 96 the ratio is 75 i.e. 75:100 the difference is 25, like wise in 97 & 99 it is 0 and for 98 & 2000 it is 125:100 i.e. 25

Hence max is in the year 95 or 96. Hence answer should be B.

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