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Directions to Solve

Study the following bar charts and answer the questions.

Foreign Trade (Imports and Exports) by countries for the year (1993 - 1994)

The total trade deficit/surplus for all the countries put together was ?
11286 surplus
11286 deficit
10286 deficit
None of these
Answer: Option
Sum of exports - Sum of imports = deficit(11286).
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Deepu said:   4 years ago
There is no short trick.

Meenu said:   4 years ago
Is there any short trick?

Ashwini said:   6 years ago
When comparing both the graph if import > export then its deficit.

Deficit= sum of export - sum of import.
=25625-36911 = 11286 deficit.
Hence answer is B.

Neelam singh said:   6 years ago
How to calculate net trade deficit or surplus in quick time? please help me.

Shraddha said:   7 years ago
If total import > total export then deficit.

Total export > total import then surplus.

Spatel said:   9 years ago
Surplus = I<E.

Deficit = I>E.

Deficit means less than enough and surplus means more than necessary so we can say surplus only happen when I<E and vise versa.

Amandeep said:   9 years ago
How can I simply this question? Adding so many values can waste a lot of time.

ABC said:   10 years ago
Please explain the concept of surplus and deficit. Also the scale for both the graphs is different.

Piyush said:   10 years ago
For each company say "A". Since export is more than import in this case, therefore it is surplus for the company i.e = 92-87 = 5.

So, if export > import, it is surplus else it is deficit. :).

Divya said:   1 decade ago
Please explain in detail how to calculate deficit and surplus? I can't understand this whole bar chart. Please help me out in all 5 pbms.

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