Data Interpretation - Bar Charts - Discussion

Study the following bar chart and answer the questions carefully.

Sales Turnover of 5 Companies (in Rs. crores)


Which of the companies shows the maximum percentage difference in sales turnover between the two years ?

[A]. Honda
[B]. GM
[C]. Hyundai
[D]. Maruti

Answer: Option C


Hyundai with 25.25 % is marginally higher than Honda with 24.5 %.

Swojeena Shrestha said: (May 1, 2014)  
How can it be, there is no any real value in number to calculate to specify with the percentage you suggest?

Praveen Kumar Kv said: (Jun 26, 2014)  
@Swojeena in question they ask Max percent diff. Going to answer there is only two companies near max Hyundai (250/700)*100% and Honda (250/850)*100%. Actually in fig we can't get exact values. as mine I take 50,100,150..etc..

Kasinath @Hyd said: (Aug 20, 2014)  
Honda: (1100-850)/1100*100 = 22.72.

Here we used divided by 1100 is just because the sales turnover is REDUCED from 2001-02 to 2002-03. In case of Increase we divide by 850.

GM: (900-750)/900*100 = 16.6.

Maruthi: (700-650)/650*100 = 7.69.

We used divided by 650 is just because the sales turnover is INCREASED from 2001-02 to 2002-03.

HM: (1150-1100)/1150*100 = 4.34.

Hyundai: (950-700)/950*100 = 26.31 (MAX % Difference).

Xyz said: (Apr 12, 2017)  
For Honda and Hyundai difference is nearly same.
But for Hyundai base is less than Honda.

Means less denominator and is larger.

That's it.

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