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Name the Indian American who has been conferred with the 2019 National STEM Education Award.

[A]. Losiana Nayak
[B]. Divya Sharma
[C]. Kavya Kopparapu
[D]. Shiv Prakash Singh

Answer: Option C


Kavya Kopparapu, an Indian-American teenager residing in Herndon, Virginia has been awarded the National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Education Award 2019. She has been awarded for her significant invention in enhancing treatments of glioblastoma- which is the deadliest form of brain cancer. She has developed GlioVision, which is a high accuracy medicine platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It performs prediction of brain tumour characteristics by using a scanned image of a biopsy rather than a DNA sample, in lesser time and at lower costs. The prize money amounts for STEM amounts to $10,000. She is a student of computer science and biology at Harvard University. She has also heads Girls Computing League- a non-profit organisation which has raised more than $100,000 for computer science programming and has impacted more than 3,800 American students.

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