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Where did the world's rarest Albino Panda caught recently?

[A]. Malaysia
[B]. Switzerland
[C]. Australia
[D]. China

Answer: Option D


For the first time, world's rarest Albino Panda was caught on camera at Wolong National Nature Reserve in the southwestern Sichuan province of China. The spotless, red-eyed, all-white panda is believed to be the world's solely recognized albino giant panda. China's People's Daily mentioned that the Panda is one to two years old and its gender is yet to be identified. Pandas are listed as vulnerable species. It means that their survival is threatened and conservation efforts are undertaken to reduce the risk of extinction. More than 80% of the world's wild pandas live in Sichuan and rest are spotted in Shaanxi and Gansu province and according to World Wildlife Fund, the population of the pandas is decreasing to 2,000.

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