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Which of the following countries has unveiled the logo for soccer's 2024 European Championship?

A. Argentina
B. France
C. Germany
D. Italy

Answer: Option C


Germany has unveiled the logo for soccer's 2024 European Championship during a ceremony with a light show in the stadium that will hold the final.


Which country has invited the Taliban for international talks on Afghanistan?

B. Russia
C. Pakistan
D. China

Answer: Option B


The Russian envoy to Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov said that Russia will invite the militant group Taliban for the international talks on Afghanistan scheduled for October 20 in Moscow.


Tax Inspectors Without Borders program has been launched by which nation in partnership with India?

A. Maldives
B. Srilanka
C. Seychelles
D. Mauritius

Answer: Option C


Seychelles' Tax Inspectors Without Borders (TIWB) programme launched in partnership with India.


Which country's Hockey Federation has withdrawn from the 2022 Commonwealth Games?

A. Australia
B. India
C. England
D. New Zealand

Answer: Option B


Hockey India pulled out of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games stating the risk of contracting COVID-19 and the discriminatory quarantine rules by the United Kingdom (UK) for travellers coming from India.


Which country has test-fired its first Zircon hypersonic missile from a nuclear submarine?

A. Israel
B. Iran
C. North Korea
D. Russia

Answer: Option D


The Russian Defense Ministry announced that Russia successfully test-launched a Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missile from a nuclear submarine.