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Exercise : Festivity - Latest Current Affairs
  • Festivity - Latest Current Affairs
Where did the 34th Seng Khihlang Festival recently conclude?
Answer: Option
The 34th Seng Khihlang Festival, a significant event for the Khasi Indigenous Faith, concluded in Wahiajer, Meghalaya. This annual festival celebrates unity and traditions within the indigenous community, with the symbolic exchange of the Monolith representing the enduring spirit of unity among believers.

Which Indian state's Nyishi tribe celebrates the Longte festival without animal sacrifice?
Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: Option
The Longte festival celebrated by the Nyishi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh is notable for its cultural importance and unique customs. Unlike many other tribal festivals that involve animal sacrifices, the Longte festival prohibits such practices. Instead, the festival is characterized by symbolic decorations using white feathers and bamboo, highlighting the tribe's reverence for nature and their cultural heritage. This emphasis on non-violence and symbolic rituals sets the Longte festival apart and reflects the Nyishi tribe's values and traditions.

In which Indian state is the Gangaur festival celebrated?
Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Option
The Gangaur festival, commemorating the union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, is celebrated throughout Rajasthan. It symbolizes marriage's happiness and auspiciousness, with significant rituals performed by women seeking blessings for marital harmony and prosperity.

Which Indian state celebrates Utkal Diwas annually on April 1st?
Tamil Nadu
Answer: Option
Utkal Diwas is celebrated in Odisha on April 1st every year to mark the formation of the state on that date in 1936, highlighting the cultural and historical significance of Odisha's heritage. The celebration is a tribute to Odisha's rich culture, traditions, art forms, and cuisine, symbolized by the festive atmosphere, decorations, and display of the state flag's colours – green, yellow, and red – representing pride and unity among the Odia community.

Where will the world's largest literary festival, 'Sahityotsav,' be held?
New Delhi
Answer: Option
The world's largest literary festival, 'Sahityotsav,' will be held in New Delhi. This festival commemorates 70 years of Sahitya Akademi and will feature the participation of over a hundred renowned writers and scholars. The presentation ceremony of the Sahitya Akademi Awards 2023 will also take place during the festival in New Delhi’s Kamani Auditorium.