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The approach used in top-down analysis and design is

[A]. to identify the top level functions by combining many smaller components into a single entity
[B]. to prepare flow charts after programming has been completed
[C]. to identify a top level function an d then create a hierarchy of lower-level modules and components.
[D]. All of the above
[E]. None of the above

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Punit Singhal said: (Aug 13, 2013)  
Top down analysis is a problem solving mechanism whereby a given problem is successively broken down into smaller and smaller sub-problems or operations until a set of easily solvable (by computer) subproblems is arrived at.Each level is numbered commencing with the top (first) level followed by the second level and so on.The designer ends up with very large tree structures.

Sarah said: (Feb 26, 2018)  
According to me, the correct answer is A.

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