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The two statements that can be used to change the flow of control are
if and switch
if and while
switch and do-while
break and continue
None of the above
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Sumaiya said:   6 years ago
D is right! Because break and continue help to controles flow of data not if & swich.

Shaheen K M said:   7 years ago
The correct answer is Option D.

Wazir sikandar said:   7 years ago
Switch and break statement controls data flow.

So A answer is wrong.

Renuka said:   7 years ago
Break and continue flow control statement that's why I think D option is correct.

Ali said:   8 years ago
There is a statement not function so break and continue is right.

Sharon said:   8 years ago
Because if and switch statements are the two statements that are used to control of change the flow of control.

Sharon said:   8 years ago
Because switch is the function that is used to control the "flow of control".

Rakhi said:   9 years ago
Yes. I too have same doubt. Which is correct?

Stuti said:   9 years ago
Why not C. Break and continue ?

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