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Turbidity of raw water is a measure of

[A]. suspended solids
[B]. acidity of water
[C]. B.O.D.
[D]. none of these.

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

P S Thanveer said: (Feb 13, 2016)  
Even though turbidity is a measure of suspended solids but there is no quantitative measure.

Anant said: (Feb 21, 2017)  
Turbidity is the measure of extent to which light is either absorbed or scattered by suspended material in water but it is not quantitative measure of suspended solid.

Unloved said: (Jun 7, 2018)  
Answer should be B.

Mujittafa A.Ibrahim said: (Sep 7, 2019)  
Turbidity the clearness of water was affected by suspended solids.

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