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Manholes along the mains from the source to a city are provided at 500 m intervals in
steel pipes
R.C.C. pipes
hume steel pipes
all the above.
Answer: Option
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Santosh Kumar said:   7 months ago
@Prabhakar Yadav.

This is about mains, and that's about sewers.

Prabhakar yadav said:   3 years ago
I think manhole is provided for a maximum interval of 300 m as stated in Objective book of RS Khurmi.

Yogesh said:   5 years ago
Basically, we use RCC sewers. spacing depends on the dia of a sewer. RCC starts from 300mm dia to 2000 mm. .9 to 1.5m dia spacing is 90to 150m. 1.5 to 2m die spacing is 150to 200m.

Gautam patel said:   6 years ago
Answer should be B.

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