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In pressure supply mains, water hammer pressure is reduced by providing
sluice valves
air valves
pressure relief valves
none of the these.
Answer: Option
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Asad Hayat said:   5 years ago
Answer should be B.

'the air relief valves ares used to admit air to the pipe line in order to prevent the formation of vacuum in case of rapid flow negative pressure. This vacuum or negative pressure (known as water hammer) may hurt the pipe line at some lower point.

Puni said:   7 years ago
Answer is C" to reduce the water hammer pressure in pressure pipe pressure relief valves are used.

Mrinal said:   7 years ago
Sluice-control flow.
Air-at summit point.
Pressure-sudden accidentally high pressure.

Lalit said:   2 years ago
A surge tank or pressure relief valves are used.

Magi said:   7 years ago
Then explain how it's option B is possible?

Aravind said:   2 years ago
As per my knowledge, It's a surge arester.

DPR said:   4 years ago
I think d should be the correct answer.

Samn said:   8 years ago
I think the answer should be option B.

Indu said:   5 years ago
I agree C is the right answer.

SUNIL said:   7 years ago
Yes, B is the correct option.

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