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Distribution mains of any water supply, is normally designed for its average daily requirement
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Jay said:   5 years ago
Can anyone justify it, please?

Arpit Dubey said:   5 years ago
Maximum daily discharge is 1.5 of avg daily discharge.
And Maximum hourly discharge is 1.5 of maximum daily discharge. (OR). 2.25 of avg daily discharge.

Neel said:   1 decade ago
Shouldn't it be designed for maximum hourly demand = 2.7 times average daily demand ?

Dvs said:   7 years ago
For flushing systm the water requirement is 200 lpcd.

Angel said:   7 years ago
Distribution system design criteria - total draft.
Sorce of supply & pipe mains - max daily demand.
Filters &pumps - twice avg daily demand.

Ramanan said:   7 years ago
Main pipe can be designed as max daily (1.8 times of daily demand),distribution pipe can be designed as (max hourly of max daily (2.7 *max hourly of max daily).

Monika rawat said:   7 years ago
The distribution system in water supplies is designed on the basis of?

Please tell me.

Madhusmita said:   7 years ago
It's true. The average Daily requirement of water 135 to 225 (200 is minimum).

Biahnoi said:   8 years ago
1.5 * (1.8 * (average daily/24)) = 2.7 average hourly.

Sumansarkar said:   8 years ago
The avg daily requirement is 180%, Then how it is 225%?

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