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Distribution mains of any water supply, is normally designed for its average daily requirement
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Dvs said:   7 years ago
For flushing systm the water requirement is 200 lpcd.

Hamid raza hashmi said:   6 years ago
180% is correct. I agree with it.

Arpit Dubey said:   5 years ago
Maximum daily discharge is 1.5 of avg daily discharge.
And Maximum hourly discharge is 1.5 of maximum daily discharge. (OR). 2.25 of avg daily discharge.

Vinay Kumar said:   5 years ago
Maximum daily demand = 1.8 x average daily demand.

Maximum hourly demand of maximum day i.e. Peak demand.
= 1.5 x average hourly demand.
= 1.5 x Maximum daily demand/24.
= 1.5 x (1.8 x average daily demand)/24.
= 2.7 x average daily demand/24.
= 2.7 x annual average hourly demand.

Jay said:   5 years ago
Can anyone justify it, please?

Aravind said:   5 years ago
Design criteria - coincidental draft or max hourly demand.
Max hourly demand = 1.5 x max daily demand.
= 2.7 x avg daily demand.
= 270%.

Monika said:   5 years ago
I don't understand? Please explain me clearly.

Chaman said:   5 years ago
Thanks everyone for explaining it.

Ashwani Kumar said:   4 years ago
The question is wrong.

Generally distribution system should be designed for maximum hourly consumption of maximum day i.e. Peak Demand or Coincident draft, whichever is more.

God-rich formula to find peak demand to an average demand ratio.

P = 180 x t^ (-0. 1)

Where P = percent of the annual average draft for the time 't' in days.

So, I think 180% is the right answer.

Abhishek Das said:   3 years ago
If daily then 180% and if hourly then 150%.

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