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Distribution mains of any water supply, is normally designed for its average daily requirement
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Arpit Dubey said:   5 years ago
Maximum daily discharge is 1.5 of avg daily discharge.
And Maximum hourly discharge is 1.5 of maximum daily discharge. (OR). 2.25 of avg daily discharge.

Hamid raza hashmi said:   6 years ago
180% is correct. I agree with it.

Dvs said:   6 years ago
For flushing systm the water requirement is 200 lpcd.

Angel said:   7 years ago
Distribution system design criteria - total draft.
Sorce of supply & pipe mains - max daily demand.
Filters &pumps - twice avg daily demand.

Ramanan said:   7 years ago
Main pipe can be designed as max daily (1.8 times of daily demand),distribution pipe can be designed as (max hourly of max daily (2.7 *max hourly of max daily).

Monika rawat said:   7 years ago
The distribution system in water supplies is designed on the basis of?

Please tell me.

Madhusmita said:   7 years ago
It's true. The average Daily requirement of water 135 to 225 (200 is minimum).

Biahnoi said:   7 years ago
1.5 * (1.8 * (average daily/24)) = 2.7 average hourly.

Sumansarkar said:   8 years ago
The avg daily requirement is 180%, Then how it is 225%?

Jitu said:   9 years ago
225% answer is wrong.

Distribution mains designed for max hourly draft of max day so it should be 150% option (B).

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