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If the average daily demand of a city of 50, 000 population, is 20 m.l.d., the maximum daily demand is
24 mld
30 mld
36 mld
54 mld.
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Santosh Kumar said:   2 years ago

Remember that value acc to GOI manual is for peak factor and peak factor refers to variation in HOURLY demand.

JD Panwar said:   3 years ago
Max daily demand 1.8.

Sueaj said:   4 years ago
36 mld is the correct answer.

Joe said:   4 years ago
Max daily demand = 1.8 * avg daily demand.
Max hourly demand= 1.5* max daily demand.
Max hourly demand= 2.7 *avg daily demand.

Apeksha said:   5 years ago
Thank you @Anant.

Anant said:   5 years ago
Max daily demand 1.8.
Max monthly demand 1.4.
Max hourly demand 1.5.

Ibrar said:   5 years ago
What is fire demand of a 50000 population with and the average consumption of 200 litre per/capita/day and floor area of 600 m2 and a height of 4 stories?

Please, someone, help me to solve it.

Shaz said:   5 years ago
Yes, its 1.5. Right @Sam.

Sam said:   5 years ago
Isn't it 1.5 avg daily demand?

Nikhil said:   6 years ago
@Naveed Ullah.

Million Litres Per Day.

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