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Rate of flow of sewage is generally assumed
more than the rate of water supply
equal to the rate of water supply
less than the rate of water supply
at 150 litres per capita.
Answer: Option
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Orai said:   3 years ago
Yes, the Correct answer is C.

DHENGE SHAHADEO said:   3 years ago
I think the correct answer is option D. At 150lit/capita.

Sourabh said:   4 years ago
Water supply is converted into 80% of sewage rest 20% is consumed.

Dr. Kachhot said:   5 years ago
The velocity is less than the water because its specific gravity is high.

Ram meena said:   6 years ago
I think C is right because 80% water goes in sewer 20% are losses.

Subhash Chandra said:   6 years ago
Generally, It is taken as 80% of water supply.

Vinothkumar said:   7 years ago
Opt D is for min per capita for design of sewer pipe, so I think option c.

Jagdish said:   7 years ago
I think c is right answer.

Thiru said:   7 years ago
Option c is right. Less then the water supply.

Sam said:   8 years ago

You are right it is assumed as 0.75 to .8 that of supplied.

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