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The sewage treatment units in which anaerobic decomposition of organic matter is used, are called
imhoff tanks
trickling filters
sludge sedimentation tanks
none of these.
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BUETK said:   2 months ago
Method => Contact Mechanism => Decomposition.
1. Trickling filter => Attached growth=> Aerobic.
2. Rotating biological contactor => Attached growth => Aerobic.
3. Activated sludge process => Suspended growth => Aerobic.
4. Oxidation pond => Suspended growth => Aerobic.
5. Septic tank => Suspended growth => Anaerobic.
6. Imhoff tank => Suspended growth => Anaerobic

Liaqat said:   7 months ago
ASP is a suspended growth aerobic process.

A trickling filter is an attached growth aerobic process.

Imhoff tank has dual character (ie) aerobic in nature in the upper portion and anaerobic in the lower portion.

So, none of these is the correct option.

Sagar said:   6 years ago
I think the answer is C.

Shivu said:   6 years ago
It's sludge digestion tank.

Anand pandey said:   5 years ago
Sludge digestion tank is correct.

Sanku said:   2 years ago
C is the correct answer.

Mahesh singh said:   3 years ago
It's a sludge digestion tank because the trickling factor works aerobic.

Chandu said:   4 years ago
It is trickling filters only, I agree with the given answer.

Dipunku said:   3 years ago
It should be sludge digestion tank.

Anomie said:   3 years ago
Sludge sedimentation tank are aerobic in nature.

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