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The sewage treatment units in which anaerobic decomposition of organic matter is used, are called
imhoff tanks
trickling filters
sludge sedimentation tanks
none of these.
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Vikas said:   7 years ago
Answer should be A, trickling filters are aerobic in nature.

Ashish said:   7 years ago
Trickling filter is an aerobic. Hence the answer is Imhoff tank.

Kishor said:   7 years ago
Which one is the correct answer?

Faizan said:   6 years ago
The question should be aerobic.

Ankit Dahiya said:   6 years ago
As per my knowledge, It should be sludge digestion tank.

Chaithu said:   6 years ago
It should be sludge digestion tank, because Imhoff tank also the process is anaerobic digestion, the upper portion will contain aerobic process, lower portion contain anaerobic, coming to trickling filters it is aerobic decomposition. So right answer is C.

MD Irshad alam said:   6 years ago
Imhoff tanks, anaerobic filters, anaerobic hybride reactor, septic tank and UASBR all are anaerobic treatment unit.

Sagar said:   6 years ago
I think the answer is C.

Shivu said:   6 years ago
It's sludge digestion tank.

Anand pandey said:   5 years ago
Sludge digestion tank is correct.

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