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The most efficient cross-section of sewers in a combined sewerage system is
new egged.
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Molla nuru said:   8 months ago
I think it's new egg.

Jero M said:   1 year ago
For combined, egg-shaped is preferred. And for a separate system, the circular is preferred. The answer must be egg-shaped.

Kevin Borg said:   2 years ago
D is the answer if the sewer is combined, circular if it is a single sewer system also because it helps with flow and cleaning itself.

Muhammad Ali Khetran said:   2 years ago
Both of the answers for circular and egg-shaped are correct .

Because combined sewer may be in both shape circular and egg-shaped not (new egg-shaped)

James bond said:   2 years ago
I think it's egged shape. Not new egged.

So, the right answer is circular.

Prince garg said:   3 years ago
The circular section is most efficient but egg-shape is preferred because it can give self-cleaning velocity in dryer periods also

Numan khan said:   4 years ago
Egg shaped is adopted as combined sewer when there is alot of rainfall,

Egg shaped and new egg shaped as different diameter.

Surta said:   4 years ago
It is egg shaped.

Sumanth Yadav said:   4 years ago
For combined system, it cross section is egg-shaped.

Mosaraf said:   5 years ago
What is the difference between egg-shaped and new egged?

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