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Which type of light energy is effectively absorbed by CO2 in the lower boundary of the troposphere ?
X - rays
UV - rays
Visible light
Infra-red rays
Answer: Option
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Pranita Chandanshive said:   6 years ago
CO2 is major greenhouse gas and absorbs light energy of greater wavelength like infrared radiation. When light energy is absorbed it gets converted into heat or thermal energy. As we move towards upper layers in the troposphere, temperature goes on decreasing and air becomes cooler. It expands due to decrease in pressure.

Harshida said:   1 decade ago
Light energy in the form of visible light, UV reaches the earths surface which is re radiated with a greater wavelength in the form of IR radiation and it is absorbed by CO2, Which is the main cause of global warming.

G.jaswanth said:   3 years ago
Infrared rays are effectively absorbed in the lower boundary of the troposphere. Because it has a greater wavelength. And co2 is a greenhouse gas.

So, the right answer is (D).

Nilkamal mahadani said:   6 years ago
Infra red rays have high wave length & when it is reflected, co2 gases absorbed this. So the answer is D.

Sani chavan said:   9 years ago
Wavelength of light is 300000000. So in troposphere there is O2 is present, presence of O2 CO2 absorbing.

Vivek said:   10 years ago
Infra red is the only above mentioned rays having power to vibrate Co2. That's the only reason.

VIRAJ said:   3 years ago
Yes, D is correct because of the greater wave length.

G.lokesh said:   9 years ago
What is the reason the infra red rays only vibrate?

Drashti solanki said:   3 years ago
Uv - rays may not Sufficient to absorb co2?

Gnana kumar said:   9 years ago
Why UV not absorb the carbon dioxide?

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