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Which type of light energy is effectively absorbed by CO2 in the lower boundary of the troposphere ?
X - rays
UV - rays
Visible light
Infra-red rays
Answer: Option
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Nilkamal mahadani said:   6 years ago
Infra red rays have high wave length & when it is reflected, co2 gases absorbed this. So the answer is D.

Anil said:   5 years ago
Infra-red-rays have high wavelength.

Drashti solanki said:   3 years ago
Uv - rays may not Sufficient to absorb co2?

G.jaswanth said:   3 years ago
Infrared rays are effectively absorbed in the lower boundary of the troposphere. Because it has a greater wavelength. And co2 is a greenhouse gas.

So, the right answer is (D).

VIRAJ said:   3 years ago
Yes, D is correct because of the greater wave length.

Harshida said:   1 decade ago
Light energy in the form of visible light, UV reaches the earths surface which is re radiated with a greater wavelength in the form of IR radiation and it is absorbed by CO2, Which is the main cause of global warming.

Vivek said:   10 years ago
Infra red is the only above mentioned rays having power to vibrate Co2. That's the only reason.

Gnana kumar said:   9 years ago
Why UV not absorb the carbon dioxide?

RAGHAVENDRA said:   9 years ago
What is the reason? How?

Sani chavan said:   9 years ago
Wavelength of light is 300000000. So in troposphere there is O2 is present, presence of O2 CO2 absorbing.

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