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A pipeline of 5 cm diameter is reduced abruptly to 2.5 cm diameter at a section to enable measurement of the water flowing through it. The loss of head at the contraction is 0.5 m. Given that, in metric units, 2g = 4.43 and g = 3.132, the mean velocity in the reduced section will be
0.5 m/sec
1.1075 m/sec
1.566 m/sec
4.43 m/sec
Answer: Option
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Dibakar said:   2 years ago
.5 = .5 * (V^2/2g).

Umesh H A said:   5 years ago
Head loss due to contraction is;

Head loss = (0.5 * V2 square)/2g.

M.AKILA said:   5 years ago
Please give the description of the answer.

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