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A rectangular column shown in the given figure carries a load P having eccentricities ex and ev along X and Y axes. The stress at any point (x, y) is
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Ranjit ray said:   7 years ago
How? Explain it clearly.

Roshan said:   7 years ago
Normal stress = p/A.
Bending stress= Mx*y/Ix + My*x/Ix.

Adding both, P/A +M*Y/I .
where A=(b*d) and Mx= P*ey, My= P*ex, Ix= bd3/12; Iy=db3/12.

Raja said:   7 years ago
Thanks @Roshan.

Harsha said:   7 years ago
Iy= db3 /12. So, in answer b2 should be for P * ey * y/ b2.

Ranguwal said:   6 years ago
In the denominator, it always to occur in a square within the bracket value because the load is in N or KN so, p/bd outside has the unit N/mm2 & in the bracket, mm2 should be needed so ONLY FIRST option gives the same units so think wisely>>::.

Monali said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Ranguwal.

Monali said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Ranguwal.

Anush M said:   5 years ago
In bending stress equation, why it is Ix in both the direction?

I think it should be Ix for Mx and Iy for My. If this statement is correct, then equation will be Combined stress =(P/A) + (Mx/Ix) + (My/Iy). Is this right? Please tell me.

Saidur Rahman said:   2 years ago
In which case, the bending stress will be negative?

Please explain.

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