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The general expression for the B.M. of a beam of length l is the beam carries
a uniformly distributed load w/unit length
a load varying linearly from zero at one end to w at the other end
an isolated load at mid span
none of these.
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Steve said:   5 years ago

Taking moment at a point Z, X distance from either support A or B gives: (Wx^2/2)-(WL/2)*x.

Wx^2/2--------------> udl component.
(WL/2)*x-------------> reaction/support component.

SHAMNAS MANDHIYIL said:   6 years ago
Take a section at X distance from the end A of the beam.

Ra=Rb= wl/2.

Calculate moment at X distance from A.
Mx = Ra . x - w . x . x /2 = wlx/2 - w x2/2.

Somesh jain said:   7 years ago
Helpful session and questions, Thanks for posting this.

M.D.RAHUL NAIK said:   8 years ago
I like it and we can improve our knowledge.

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