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The combined effect of curvature and refraction over a distance L kilometres is
67.2 L2 mm
76.3 L2 mm
64.5 L2 mm
none of these.
Answer: Option
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Santosh ramani said:   11 months ago
Agree, Option A is correct.

Shubash Sah said:   2 years ago
0.673d^2 where d is in km.

Xiyonee said:   3 years ago
That's not 0.673, It is 0.0673.

Dheeraj said:   4 years ago
@Sumit Kulkarni.

First, correct your calculations. (.0785-.0112=0.673).

Not (.0672).

And correct answer is, None of these, option D.

Kalpesh peshavariya said:   5 years ago
Thank you @Sumeet Kulkarni.

Sumeet kulkarni said:   6 years ago
Curvature correction = 0.0785D^2.
Refraction correction= 0.0785D^2÷7 = 0.0112D^2.
Combined correction = (0.0785-0.0112)D^2 =0.0672D^2.

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