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If deflection angles are measured in a closed traverse, the difference between the sum of the right-hand and that of the left hand angles should be equal to
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Pkumar said:   1 year ago
In theodolite surveying, measurement of deflection angle between 0° - 180° but in closed traversing sum of all deflection angles = 360°.

Zakir Hussain said:   2 years ago
In the Clockwise direction, the summation of deflection angles gives the sum of exterior angles and in an anti-clockwise direction, interior angles.

So, the difference comes out to be 360°.
Sum of exterior angles-sum of interior angles of any closed traverse=360°.

Atta ur rahman said:   3 years ago
The summation is 0 and the difference is 360. We consider left-hand angles as negative and right-hand angles as positive.

So, obviously, their algebraic summation is 0 and their algebraic difference is 360.

Dani 273 said:   3 years ago
I think 180° is correct.

Prince said:   3 years ago

Isn't it a summation but here they are asking difference, please explain?

Madhu said:   3 years ago
What is the open traverse of deflection angle?

Deepanshu said:   4 years ago
In closed traverse, the summation of all deflection angle is 360 degree.

Ashu said:   4 years ago
180 left hand + 180 on right hand = 360°.

Yeshay said:   6 years ago
How explain?

Kunti said:   6 years ago

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