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The representation of general topography of a very flat terrain is possible only
by drawing contours at large interval
by drawing contours at small interval
by giving spot levels at large interval
by giving spot levels to salient features at close interval.
Answer: Option
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Shubham said:   2 years ago
Very flat terrains have a minimum little elevation difference over a large area.

Hence spacing between two contour lines is also very large. Therefore giving spot levels at close intervals will give a better representation of very flat terrains.

Dinesh chandel said:   3 years ago
What is the right answer? Please explain.

Ashwin said:   4 years ago
D is correct because very flat terrains have minimal elevation over large area, hence spacing between contour lines are large, therefore giving spot will at close interval give good representation.

Anand Mani Upadhyay said:   4 years ago
Contour interval means a vertical difference between two consecutive contour lines.

But here, the horizontal distance between 2 contour lines.

Now, here flat terrain means Horizontal Distance between two contour will very high but vertical distance will be very low. Then it will be called as flat terrain.

Manzoor pashteen said:   4 years ago
A should be the correct answer because in hilly areas, the contour lines are close together while they are wider apart on flat slopes. The closer the contour lines, the steeper the slope. The wider the contour lines, the flatter the slopes.

Mahanand Patel said:   4 years ago
Option B, For a very flat terrain, the difference of elevation is not large hence contours can be drawn at smaller interval for better detailing.

Sandy said:   5 years ago
Option B is absolutely correct.

Srikrushna said:   5 years ago
Option D is the correct answer.

Because it's given salient features (most important things).

Shubham said:   6 years ago
Correct @Rajesh ray.

Rajesh ray said:   6 years ago
I think option a is correct because in a flat ground change of slope is less. So large interval is used.

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