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The sensitiveness of a level tube decreases if
radius of curvature of its inner surface is increased
diameter of the tube is increased
length of the vapour bubble is increased
both viscosity and surface tension are increased.
Answer: Option
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Meera Krishna said:   2 years ago
I think due to increase in viscosity and surface tension, the length of the bubble decreases (as the liquid tends to become more spherical shape). Since the length of bubble decreases, the sensitivity also decreases. So, option D is correct.

MJM GCEK said:   3 years ago
Sensitivity is L/R which means it is directly proportional to the length and inversely proportional to the radius of curvature soo A is the correct answer.

Option D is completely wrong as they are directly proportional to sensitivity.

Rockie said:   3 years ago
The correct option is B.

Mayank mehra said:   4 years ago

Thanks for giving the correct explanation.

Jimmi patel said:   4 years ago
Sensitivity of liquid is depend on viscosity.

Anil said:   5 years ago
Sensitivity increases with decrease in viscosity of the liquid.

Sensitivity = d|r.

Chandrakantgadhavi said:   5 years ago
If surface tention decrease with rise of temperature, and viscosity decrease with rise temperature then why sensitivity of bubble tube get decrease whether it's inversely proportional to viscosity and surface tention?

Manjunatha R.N. said:   6 years ago
Yes @Radha.

Radha said:   7 years ago
Actually, all are correct. But viscosity is very important, in bubble tube which others depend on it. So D.

Balveer said:   7 years ago
Option D is right. I agree.

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