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The sensitiveness of a level tube decreases if
radius of curvature of its inner surface is increased
diameter of the tube is increased
length of the vapour bubble is increased
both viscosity and surface tension are increased.
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Ravi raja said:   7 years ago
In formula, R stand for the radius of curvature of bubble Tube.

Gagan said:   7 years ago
In GS Pandhi, answer D is right.

Oyke mallick said:   7 years ago
Right option is D because we know sensitiveness is also increased by the increase in the length of the bubble and by a decrease of viscosity and surface tension of the liquid in the level tube ref.

Book C. L Kochher page 261.

PIDER said:   7 years ago
Right @Batman &@Deepak.

Batman said:   7 years ago
Right @Deepak.

The correct answer is A, as sensitivity is l/r.

Deepak said:   7 years ago
The correct answer should be A.

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