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The construction of optical square is based, on the principle of optical
double refraction
double reflection.
Answer: Option
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Kuldeep said:   3 years ago
Agree, Double reflection is the right answer.

Tushar Methiya said:   5 years ago
Double reflection:

1. Index glass.
2. Horizon glass.

Amrul said:   5 years ago
Right, Agree @Nitin Mishra.

Prasanth said:   5 years ago
Optical square consists of two mirrors, one mirror totally silvered another top silvered bottom unsilvered. Based on double reflection the Answer D is correct.

Ashok kumar sain said:   5 years ago
The principle is reflection only not a double reflection because it works by the reflection of light, does not matter it is one time or two times, reflection happens that's only the principle.

Pratiksha said:   5 years ago
Optical square based on principal of reflection but the construction of optical square is based on double reflection.

Nitish Mishra said:   5 years ago
Measured angle-Reflection.
Principle- Double Reflection.

Dev said:   6 years ago
Please, anyone, give me the correct answer with the clear explanation.

Anomis said:   6 years ago
Double Reflection is correct. I agree with the given answer.

Sanjay said:   6 years ago
Reflection is the correct answer.

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